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Out Bound Training

 Out Bound Training – ‘Wilderness Lab’

Outbound training also referred to as the Wilderness lab, is today found to be the most powerful tool for developing High Performing Teams and Leaders.

 Basic Premise

The basic premise on which the Wilderness Lab is based upon is

  • Adults learn mainly through Experiential learning
  • There is an element of adventure & risk involved
  • This risk, heightens the learning experience
  • People learn to master situations they are capable of controlling
  • And they learn to live in rhythm with things they cannot control

 Key components

After aligning on the programmer goals, the teams go through structured mental and physical challenges designed as metaphors for professional challenges in the organizational arena.

Challenges are designed according to desired programmer outcomes. After each challenge, the team reflects on its process and what contributed to its success or failure. As the challenges become more difficult, the teams develop expertise in process analysis.


Wilderness is for real. Here –

  • The action is for real.
  • The decisions taken are for real.
  • The consequences of the decisions taken are immediate, sometimes raw, & extremely confirming of a persons capabilities.

success depends not on the physical strengths or prowess, but on people's ability to solve problems creatively, allocate resources effectively, maintain commitment of team members and developing a powerful support network

 Intervention & Process

Experience itself is not enough for change to take place. For experience to ripen:

  • The people in the team have to reflect on each experience
  • It must be integrated with consequences of the actions taken
  • They must reflect on the process and what contributed to its success or failure
  • As the challenges become more difficult, the teams develop expertise in process analysis
  • They must reflect & determine a plan of action for the future
  • The people must consider the changes that are required for the future.

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